BMW 330d M Sport Gets 60 Second Review

It’s finally the weekend, so it’s time to put your feet up and really think about that dream car you want to buy. Sleek, powerful, comfortable yet still really fast, a diesel…. wait, what?
BMW 330d M Sport 1 photo
Yes, you want a diesel and don’t know it yet. But not just any diesel would do, we’re talking about the ultimate 3 Series sedan, the 330d with the M Sport package. If ever there was a reason to sell your E90 series car, this is it. It’s almost as fantastic to look at as an M3 and has sportscar acceleration to boot.

We’ve been checking out the guys from CarThrottle for a while now and saw they recently posted a 60 second review of the car we just mentioned. Since the video is only a minute long, there’s no point in procrastinating any longer, just watch and see what they had to say!

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