BMW 3 Series GT vs Touring Vs Sedan vs X3 Comparison by auto motor und sport

Since BMW decided to transfer the 3 Series Coupe and Convertible models into the brand new 4 Series, the 3 Series now has 3 models in its line-up. The X3 SUV could also be used in this line-up, as it is the 3er's bigger brother (boy, those were a lot of 3s!).
BMW 3 Series Sedan vs Touring vs GT vs X3 Comparison 6 photos
Photo: auto motor und sport
BMW 3 Series ComparisonBMW 3 Series ComparisonBMW 3 Series ComparisonBMW 3 Series ComparisonBMW 3 Series Comparison
Auto motor und sport took them all for a test drive, to see what qualities recommend each of them in particular. To be fair, all the cars were fitted with the same engine and gearbox, that being the 2-liter diesel unit with 184 HP and the 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox.

That being settled, let's see what recommends each of them. The X3 is the one to choose if you're looking for an easy car to get it. Out of the bunch, you'll find this one to be the most comfortable in this regard.

Furthermore, for off-road experiences and carrying the X3 has the edge here, as expected. The SUV is also the most thirsty one of the line-up, so you should keep that in mind too.

The 3 Series Gran Tourismo is the king of long roads. The back seats can even be reclined offering a level of comfort you could find only in the 7 Series. The engine is perfect for this model as it allows enough power to make it a fun driver.

Packing stuff in it is also a big plus, as the GT is only second in this test in luggage capacity. However, for a completely refined experience, you should get the adaptive dampers option. They will completely change the Gran Turismo.

The Touring version is just as good as the GT but with a bit of less leg and headroom in the back. Furthermore, the back seats are not as comfortable but this model makes up in agility and handling, passing the bigger Turismo.
The Sedan is and will remain the segment leader. With its perfect handling and sporty feel, the 4-door luxury compact car is one for people that love driving and care less about luggage.

The Sedan is also the cheapest of the bunch, by quite a margin, depending on the market. This car is more likely to be bought by the lonely wolf, not the one with a family. For families, all the other choices are perfect!

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