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BMW 2002 Hommage Convertible Concept Rendered, Will Offend the Purists

Now that BMW has swept us off our feet with the 2002 Hommage Concept, we expect some crazy enthusiast (team) out there to replicate the build. Nevertheless, until we get to see if any car nut builds his own and hits Cars and Coffee, the simpler ways of the digital world means the latest Bavarian concept car derivatives have already started showing up.
BMW 2002 Hommage Cabrio Concept 1 photo
We're referring to the open-air incarnation of the 2002 Hommage, which you can see in the rendering above. The image, which comes from pixel artist X-Tomi, mixes elements from the concept with those of production Bimmers, giving us a good taste of how it would be to mix the retro flavor with element exposure pleasures.

This is a piece that will make purists cringe, though. In fact, the render has the power to spark up endless real-men-don't-drive-convertibles keyboard wars.

And while we have to admit chopping the top off the 2002 Hommage Concept might risk compromising the handling, there are three arguments that could help with dismissing such an idea.

We'll start with the most rational one, which involves the kind of performance BMW engineers can deliver when under pressure. It's enough to think of how sure-footed a 4 Series Convertible feels to drive, all thanks to the automaker setting itself the target of not letting the open top ruin the driving dynamics compared to the 4 Series Coupe.

Then there's the fact that BMW's Hommage concepts are usually for the eye alone. Heck, the company didn't even talk about what could sit under the bewildering styling cues of the concept. So why should we bother worrying about added weight and affected stiffness?

We've left the most dream-worthy bit for the end - since BMW is making serious advances on the carbon fiber reinforced polymer front, a new-age structure such as that of the i8 would allow an open-air model to offer almost the same level of performance as that of the coup. Oh well, at least this kind of day-dreaming doesn't need to be approved by the management board and it's also free.


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