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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Design Explained

BMW will take a lot of heat for making the 2 Series Active Tourer, some of it from us, some of it from people who just don't get the way the auto industry in Europe works. That won't stop people from buying it and the world will continue to turn.
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 1 photo
We've already touched the design of the car on a number of occasions, but why take listen to us when you can listen to the experts, the people who actually designed the Active Tourer. Domagoj Dukec, head of exterior design for BMW, takes us through some of the key design elements of the car in the following video.

You wouldn't call this a beautiful car, but it's not ugly either. Spending about €30,000 on a nicely equipped MPV will also bring you a hint of 5 Series at the front, but the front is different to anything BMW has made so far because their existing design wouldn't work with a sloped nose.

Twin round headlights with the option of efficient bi-LED technology, double chrome exhaust tips and a powerful kidney grille? You will not find that on a Citroen C4 Picasso. Unlike with the i3, BMW want you to think of an X5 or 5 Series when you see the Active Tourer. It's these similarities to iconic luxury vehicles and carefully selected intelligent gadgets that will probably catapult this car into Europe's sales charts.

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