BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 7-Seater Spotted Wearing M Sport Package

We truly live in a mad world. After launching their first front-wheel drive model out into the world, BMW goes even further and creates variations of the ‘abomination’ that are even wearing the most powerful letter in the world. Let’s take it step by step.
M Sport 7-Seater BMW 2 SAT 7 photos
M Sport 7-Seater BMW 2 SATM Sport 7-Seater BMW 2 SATM Sport 7-Seater BMW 2 SATM Sport 7-Seater BMW 2 SATM Sport 7-Seater BMW 2 SATM Sport 7-Seater BMW 2 SAT
After the 5-seater BMW 2 Series Active Tourer was launched, the world was shocked to learn that the Germans will also be releasing a 7-seater version that basically looks the same but is slightly longer than its brother.

That was yet another hard pill to swallow but we figured, heck, it doesn’t affect us as long as we’re not interested in it. We’re sure it has its own niche out there and there are plenty of people that are interested in a premium MPV.

However, now we’re seeing it being tested with the M Sport package on it and that’s really nothing to joke about. The M letter will be used throughout the car and that’s no joke. You can make FWD cars, tall cars, stupid cars but please, leave the M division out of it.

How could anything on the 2 Series Active Tourer be considered even remotely close to anything ‘M’? Please tell us that! Have an explanation ready because we can’t handle it anymore.

We understand the gimmicks of marketing and how they help sell these cars but BMW itself claims that the 2SAT doesn’t appeal to customers that know what the M letter stands for. Why use it then? It doesn’t make sense...

The engines used will be the same 1.5-liter and 2-liter plans on the 5-seater model and will offer the same range of power and mpg. They will be efficient and silent. That’s about it and that’s not what the Motorsport division is about.

But we digress. The 7-seater will probably be launched later this year with sales beginning somewhere in March 2015. If you’re interested in it, you can now rest assured knowing that there will be an M Sport version available.


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