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BMW 1 Series Pitted Against Entire Hatch Segment in Australia

When I thought about the title of this comparison test, a lot of different choices came to mind: “BMW 1 Series Against the World” or “BMW Against 5 Rivals” and many others. However, I went with the premium hatch version because that’s what is actually happening here.
Audi A3 v BMW 1 Series v Mercedes-Benz A-Class v Alfa Romeo Giulietta v Volkswagen Golf v Volvo V40 1 photo
The guys from Car Advice took 6 hatches for a comparison to actually test if the premium price tags actually deserve the money. Therefore, the pitted the 116i against the brand new Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz A180, Alfa Rome Giulietta, Volvo V40 and Volkswagen Golf Mach 7.

All of them were supposed to be entry-level variants but in the end, prices went even as high as ADU42,890 (yeah, I’m looking at you, A3) whilst the cheapest model was the Alfa Romeo Giulietta with AUD29,350.

After going through an exhaustive list of the optional features you can or cannot get on either of these cars and listing what is standard and what’s not, the guys finally got to the interesting part where BMW won.

We’re talking about the way the cars handled themselves on the road, of course. Whilst the Audi and Golf were decent, the RWD Bimmer took the cake, providing the most thrills, despite being fitted with an entry-level engine.

In the end, the Audi claimed the number one spot, in front of the BMW and Golf by a small margin. However, you should really read the review to make your mind or, better yet, go for a test drive in each of them yourself, before making up your mind.

Full test at Car Advice


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