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BluMobile Packs Power and Water-Producing Capabilities Into a Compact, Mobile Trailer

The BluMobile trailer is a box full of surprises, equipped to produce enough power for either your road escapades, disaster and emergency responses, or remote worksites. It comes with an easy-to-deploy solar array, a high cycle battery bank, and an atmospheric water generator that can purify and store up to 40 gallons of water.
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BluMobile Off-Road TrailerBluMobile Off-Road TrailerBluMobile Off-Road TrailerBluMobile Off-Road TrailerBluMobile Off-Road TrailerBluMobile Off-Road TrailerBluMobile Off-Road Trailer
The multi-purpose, off-road trailer is the brainchild of BluOasis, a Seattle-based company founded three years ago by Jason Andrews (the guy in the video below this article). The man is a technology and aerospace entrepreneur who wanted to offer a simpler solution to collecting and storing solar power, with his units being as quick to set up as a desktop PC. The idea is for these generators to be mobile and have the ability to provide clean drinking water and also power a satellite internet connection.

BluMobile is just one of BluOasis’ products and is based on a Humvee trailer chassis. It can generate power and water from sunlight and air and integrates these capabilities into a small form factor mobile trailer. According to Andrews, the trailer is designed for the ultimate off-road overland experience and can be towed by any SUV.

The prototype you see in the video weighs around 4,000 lb (1,814 kg) and packs 1,500W of fixed solar mounted on top but you can expand that power capacity to 4,500W. The solar energy is stored in a 15kWh battery pack, but there’s also the option to upgrade to a 30 kWh one. Plenty of other customizations and upgrades can be made, too. BluMobile comes with a 6 kW inverter that can also be upgraded to 12 kW.

An atmospheric water generator produces the water from air via condensation and then runs it through a Guzzle H2O water filtration system, which also includes a UV filter. Once the clean water is produced, it is stored in a 40-gallon (151-liter) tank. The system also includes a 12V pump.

In addition to producing electricity and clean water, BluMobile also offers 150 cubic ft (4.2 cubic meters) of storage space inside, for your gear, tools, and so on.

There’s no pricing info available on BluOasis’ website, so customers are encouraged to contact the company for more details and to get a personalized offer depending on their needs. But before you do that, you might want to take a more in-depth, virtual tour of the BluMobile off-road trailer in the video below.

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