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Blue Tiger Motion Simulator for More Realistic Games

Addicted racing gamers who want to try a totally different playing experience now have the chance to do it with the help of the BlueTiger Motion Simulator.

What differentiates this motion simulator from other machines of its kind is the fact that it creates an environment that makes the gamer feel as if he/she is driving a real vehicle, found out. Despite the fact that it is extremely lightweight, the simulator can support weights of up to 350 pounds. The base of the simulator hosts the power supply, control electronics and motors. The sled is the moving part of the system and is attached to the top of the base.

What's more, the BlueTiger Motion Simulator can fit LCD monitors or televisions up to 32". The monitor mounting frame & bracket assembly can be adjusted to fit the spacing for typical flat panel mounting. Two styles of lightweight fiberglass bodywork are available for the BlueTiger Motion Simulators, both of them having the characteristics of race cars and airplanes.

The BlueTiger steering wheel console has an all-metal structural design with proven steering and electronic components to meet the demands of aggressive home, commercial and arcade use in a motion simulator. The paddle shifter contains shift-up shift-down pull paddles and 6 additional user-programmable pushbuttons in a billet aluminum enclosure that mounts behind the steering wheel.

In addition, the 6-speed stick shift is meant to give the gamer the impression of realistic gear selection.

As for the seats, BlueTiger has designed strong and comfortable FX1 racing seats to make the gamer feel at ease when playing. The producers equipped them with seat belts as well because they believe that the simulator movement is more realistic if the player uses a seat belt with shoulder harnesses.

Although nothing compares to a real drive, the description of the BlueTiger motion simulator sounds truly challenging. So, let's get the game started!


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