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Blue-Green Chameleon Wrap on Mercedes E-Class

State officials usually go for black when buying Mercedes E-Classes, airport taxis for yellow and company middle-management for silver. Despite the lack of dynamic feel or an engaging drive, the E-Class has always been a sort of yardstick in terms of quality.
Mercedes E-Class Chameleon Wrap 6 photos
Mercedes E-Class Chameleon WrapMercedes E-Class Chameleon WrapMercedes E-Class Chameleon WrapMercedes E-Class Chameleon WrapMercedes E-Class Chameleon Wrap
But there are still those who buy it just because they like it (especially the badge), and usually this choice goes hand in hand with the color white. We’re not huge fans of the E-Class’ design, since those little square lights look like they were added as an afterthought, but it’s still got appeal.

One Russian tuner has been asked to turn a boring white E-Class belonging to the W212 generation into something truly special. So they chose a new and very interesting wrap that gives off a chameleon effect in the green-blue color spectrum. The result is better applied than any paintjob would have been!

This new scheme plays with light in such a way that it highlight the edges and shapes of the car.

“Since Mercedes E-Class is traditionally sets the standard for competitors in its class, we decided to keep up with the standard set by them and covered the car in a new, exclusive film HEXIS, a series of HX, the color "blue-green" chameleon,” Re-Styling says in their statement.


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