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Blue Carbon Koenigsegg Regera Spotted while Leaving The Factory, Looks Amazing

While some car lovers out there have decided to take the Koenigsegg badge into their own hands and build replicas, others await to take delivery of the real deal. And one of the most recent episodes of the latter involve a Regera with a spec that stands out.
Blue Carbon Koenigsegg Regera 1 photo
The Regera, which offers a transmissionless driving experience, but allows the one behind the wheel to play with no less than 1,500 horsepower, is reaching its owners these days - keep in mind the Swedish automotive producer is only bringing 80 units of the gas-electric hypercar to the world.

Sure, this might be the company's Grand Tourer offering, but we have to keep in mind that the Koenigsegg Regera can still climb all the way to 248 mph (make that 400 km/h).

And the example we have here is all about the visible carbon. You see, with more and more go-fast machiens using the wonder material for their bodies nowadays, the automotive community is split into two main camps: there are those who prefer the fiber in plain sight and those who enjoy covering it.

Well, it doesn't take a trained eye to notice the camp that welcomed the owner of this Koenigsegg. The hypercar mixes blue carbon with clear-coat carbon, with the result being a sight for sore eyes.

Now, you might wonder who captured this beauty on camera. Well, as we've discussed in the past, a photographer named Christoffer like to hang around Angelholm, the carmaker's home city and you are now looking at a sample of his work.

Since we discussed the two main types of Regera designs above, you might want to see one that doesn't place such great emphasis on the carbon design.

Well, here's former Formula One driver Adrian Sutil's Regera, which comes in a stunning shade of blue, doing its thing in Monaco.


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