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Blown Rat Rod Looks Mean at the Drag Strip, Takes on the Big Boys

Rat rods originated as a counter-reaction to the shiny, custom-built hot rods that focused on looks rather than power. Many viewed them as expensive rolling decorations compared to the hot rods of the early days, which were built to be driven above all else. Modern rat rods are basically rusty sleepers with huge power under the hood.
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You'll see them on public roads and at hot rod events, but, more importantly, you'll also find them at the drag strip. And that is where all the fun begins. Just like in the good ole days, when beat-up rods showed up with massive power to set speed records, modern rat rods hit the drag strip to keep that spirit alive.

This blown rat rod doesn't set any benchmarks, but it's a cool tribute to that era. Yes, it's not a rusty rod, but the matte black finish is as good as they get and provides a striking contrast when paired with a shiny blower. The fact that it appears to be put together with parts from various cars makes things even better.

The cab section appears to be sourced from a 1950s Ford F-Series truck (the interior looks similar too), while the front grille seems to come from a much older vehicle. The missing hood makes it that much more difficult to identify. The rear section has been altered beyond recognition, but the bed could be related to the 1950s F-Series cab.

Like any rat rod, this truck rides much closer to the ground, while the skinny front wheels and the meaty rear tires make it suitable for drag racing. Sadly, we don't know how powerful that supercharged V8 is, but it sounds menacing enough for the truck's stealthy appearance.

As much as I'd love to report that this rat rod smoked a couple of dragsters at the strip, I can't do that. But that's not because Gary White's truck is slow; it just went against more powerful machines. You can see it take on a turbocharged Ford Mustang in the small tire category and then jump into the big tire class to drag race a nitrous-fed Chevy Camaro.

It loses both battles, but it puts up a really good fight. And that's what racing is all about: taking your chances against the big guns.

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