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Bloodhound SSC Supersonic Land Rocket Uses F1 Ceramics to Keep it Cool

We hope you didn't forget about the Bloodhound SSC and its attempt to set a new land speed record because the team behind the project took the time to share more geeky stuff with us.
Bloodhound SSC 1 photo
It goes without saying the ones working on the Bloodhound SSC project are cultured scientists, that's why we love finding out more cool stuff from them on the wheeled rocket that will reach speeds of 1,000 mph (1,609 km/h).

So far, we know Jaguar is involved in the project with a custom F-Type fitted with the same radio equipment as the rocket-powered Bloodhound SSC.

But let's cut to the chase and dip into more juicy details about the Bloodhound SSC. For starters, we'll tell you its developers are looking for ways to cool the engine, and their proposal is...ceramics.

Not the type you see in your grandmother's house, but Zircotec’s ThermoHold ceramic coating, also used by Formula 1 cars. The mix is plasma-sprayed at twice the speed of sound itself, and can reduce surface temperatures by at least 30 percent.

So even if heat builds up during the two runs needed for the record to be validated, the extremely volatile HTP (High Test Peroxide) tank remains stable, so the rocket won't turn into a super-fast mobile bomb.

“With ZircoFlex we can bend and mould it to shape, it’s lightweight and with self-adhesive backing, good for up to 500°C, we can use in lots of areas,” explained Tony Parraman, of the sponsorship liaison team. “For example after a two minute run, the internal temp of the jet or rocket might be 3000°C but the externals are 200°C. We can manage that heat with ZircoFlex, protecting wiring looms and composite panels.”

Add to the mix the fact that the supersonic land speed (wannabe for now) record-breaking vehicle is protected by a bulletproof lightweight composite body kit and you get the bigger picture of the project's real complexity.

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