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Blood Bikes Looking for More Volunteers to Deliver Medical Supplies

The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) is searching for more volunteers who want to become members and help to improve the medical services in the UK.
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The NABB is a group of motorcycle riders who are offering their service for free, helping the hospitals in their area deliver various medical goods by carrying them with their own motorcycles.

The Blood Bikers would usually carry almost anything that must reach from a hospital to another, including, but not limited to blood, donor breast milk, samples, medicine, surgical instruments and similar equipment, vaccines of all sorts, and pretty much anything needed.

Organized in chapters like a regular motorcycle club, the Blood Bikes can also be met in Ireland, Australia, and Canada, with their ranks slowly growing as more riders understand how valuable their service is in the hour of need. In the UK, the NABB has 27 chapters with 1733 members,

Hospitals and other medical units that have to send goods to similar nearby institutions have limited options to accomplish the task, and most of the times they include sending a person carrying the goods by cab, calling the police for the job, or even sending an ambulance. Things are especially difficult during the weekend, night, holidays, and bank holidays, and this is when the service of the Blood Bikes proves its value.

In 2014, the Blood Bikes carried out over 39,000 missions, with 32,768 in 2015, and 5977 to date in 2016. The longest one being a 700-mile (1,125 km) to-and-fro ride from the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary in Scotland to Charing Cross Hospital in London.

The Blood Bikes can benefit from special training and liveries, and can even use sirens and lights, or run the red when carrying time-sensitive materials.

Head over to the Blood Bikes' website and find out more about these amazing modern day heroes and how you can become one, too.


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