Blocking Traffic While Dressed As A Tree Will Get You Arrested, So Don't Do It

Man dressed as tree gets arrested in Portland, Maine 6 photos
Photo: Screenshot from video posted on Twitter by @TVTEDDY
Man dressed as tree gets arrested in Portland, MaineMan dressed as tree gets arrested in Portland, MaineMan dressed as tree gets arrested in Portland, MaineMan dressed as tree gets arrested in Portland, MaineMan dressed as tree gets arrested in Portland, Maine
A regular Monday afternoon in the city of Portland had a turn for the awkward when someone dressed like a tree blocked traffic near the center of the town from the state of Maine.
Often confused with Oregon’s Portland, the city was named after the Isle of Portland, and it is older than the bigger Portland that also got this name.

Maine’s Portland has a population of approximately 66,880 people, and the surrounding metropolitan area hosts about half a million people. Because of this, the city’s surrounding metropolis is home to more than a third of Maine’s total population.

A 30-year-old man named Asher Woodworth, one of the residents of the city, decided to dress up as a tree and block traffic. Police arrived when he was sitting on pedestrian crossings, and the man nicknamed “Tree Guy” by the people of the Internet was removed shortly.

Police officers who arrived at the scene warned the person to remove himself from the road before proceeding to arrest him. Unfortunately for his record, Mr. Woodworth did not bother moving, as he later claimed that he wanted to see how people react to situations like these. We can only hope that he got the answer that he was seeking.

According to Bangor Daily, he was taken to the County Jail and charged with obstructing the public way. His costume made him newsworthy, while his actions managed to aggravate more than a few citizens in the city.

The study of the impact of his “performance” on “people’s spontaneous choreography” has yet to be published, but we can only hope that the artist takes the time to write a complete thesis on the matter. After all, getting dressed as a tree should help you learn things, as well as experiencing the unique challenges faced by trees in the city.

The moral of this story is that there is nothing wrong with costumes (except those dumb clown costumes, of course) as long as you do not endanger yourself or block traffic.

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