Blast Moonstruck Is a $81K Sophisticated Watch for the Modern Astronomer

Those who are fascinated by eclipses and anything related to the sun and the moon can now follow these celestial events by simply taking a look at their wrist. Luxury watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has unveiled a limited-edition timepiece that’s not only elegant and stylish, but, most importantly, is perfect for the beginner astronomer.
The Blast Moonstruck luxury watch shows the movement of the moon and the apparent movement of the sun 8 photos
Blast MoonstruckBlast MoonstruckBlast MoonstruckBlast MoonstruckBlast MoonstruckBlast MoonstruckBlast Moonstruck
It’s fascinating to think that celestial events that could only be understood by the wisest men in ancient times are so accessible today, in varied ways. One of them is by incorporating astronomical complications in something as common as a wristwatch. And Ulysse Nardin turned this into art by introducing the sophisticated Blast Moonstruck.

The 45 mm watch shows the moon’s rotation, the apparent movement of the sun as we observe it from Earth, plus a tidal chart. This allows the wearer to see exactly where the moon and sun are located above the Earth at any moment, so that they can stay up to date with the moon phases and the eclipses. Most importantly, this is achieved in a way that’s easy to understand even for beginners, while also looking very elegant. Other functions include tidal coefficients, dual time, and the standard hour, minute, and date.

The domed crystal is set in a protective sapphire box, surrounded by an 18 ct rose gold ring engraved with the days of the month. According to the brand, this makes the 3D effect even more impressive. The in-house developed UN-106 automatic winding movement was created by the reputable Ludwig Oechslin, known for his expertise in luxury astronomical watches. In terms of materials, the black ceramic and DLC-treated titanium watch comes with a matching black strap, with a choice between alligator leather, velvet, or rubber.

Such an impressive timepiece doesn’t come cheap – the Blast Moonstruck is available for $81,000 (€71,300). But for someone who is fascinated by astronomy, as well as luxury watch connoisseur, it’s most likely worth it.

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