Blackpink, Verdy, and Super73 Team Up To Create Special Edition "Born Pink" E-Bike

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Photo: Super73
Blackpink ZXBlackpink ZXBarbie EditionBarbie EditionBarbie EditionBarbie Edition
What do K-pop, Japanese graphic art, and cycling have in common? Nothing more than a special edition e-bike from Super73 that's taking the world by storm as part of the whole Born Pink Pop-Up Experience. This has nothing to do with Barbie!
You may think that pink is in vogue right now because of the whole Barbie craze going on, but not if we're talking about Blackpink. This K-pop girl band has been around since 2016 and these days is renowned worldwide for its musical and visual prowess. Heck, some of their songs have reached over a billion views. I'm not gonna lie; it's not really my style of jams.

As for where Japanese graphic art comes into the whole story, it has a whole lot to do with Verdy, the famed artist who's been ripping his way through the music industry, often working with artists like Kid Cudi, ASAP Rocky, and a few others. He's also the founder of projects such as "Girls Don’t Cry" and "Wasted Youth," but, most recently, Verdy has been taken in by Blackpink as their artistic director for the summer of 2023.

All this leads us to the completely pink e-bike you see in the gallery. Blackpink and Verdy have called upon the powers of Super73 to craft this limited-edition EV currently up for grabs in LA. Since all three of these brand names have quite a presence worldwide, it makes sense for them to team up and make some magic. Let's see what that might be.

Now, this isn't the first time that Super73 takes on a collaboration with some very big names, nor is it the first time that pink is the subject in question. Just recently, Super73 unveiled two EVs paying tribute to the Oppenheimer and Barbie movies. The latter resulted in a pink machine with white accents that, honestly, I would rock any day; only real men wear pink. I've added images to the gallery with this version for those who are curious.

Barbie Edition
Photo: Super73
As for the version in question today, it bears no official name, so we can just call it the Blackpink ZX. What does the ZX stand for? Simple; this version is crafted upon Super73's ZX model, AKA the Comfortable Commuter, a machine that typically costs €3,000 over in Europe, and sometimes, just $2,400 in the US, and that's without any special decals or visuals like the Blackpink.

By the looks of things, the whole special edition paint job, decals, and overall visual balance between features is going to cost a bit extra, with the Blackpink ZX going for $3,500. The catch is that it's only limited to one per person, and there's no telling how many units are up for grabs. Let's take a closer look at what the three teams have given birth to this time around.

Overall, separate components of the ZX are somewhat difficult to make out. That's because the whole thing is covered in pink paint. The only components that aren't pink are the saddle, handlebar, motor, and wheels.

From the wheels, pink Super73 rims are held together with pink spokes, and even the chainguard is pink. That latter also acts as the perfect place for Verdy to place one of his signature characters. Working our what up the ZX, have a look at the battery pack. Here, Blackpink leaves its mark, and along the seat stays, "Born Pink" is spotted in black letters against the pink frame. Be sure to take note of that pink frame guard.

Blackpink ZX
Photo: Super73
Now, I personally don't understand the whole craze with Blackpink, but then again, I don't need to; this bike - like many other special edition vehicles to come before it - is for the diehard fans. This leads me to my next point.

I mentioned that this bugger is currently up for grabs at the Born Pink Pop-Up Experience going on in LA now. But this "experience" has been seen before in London and New York, and more cities are on the list. But there's nothing from our contacts at Super73 about this bike being available at the following stages in the tour. In short, this may be your only chance to grab one of these buggers if they aren't all gone already.

If you do, something magical is bound to happen. Like any limited edition anything, you'll be a part of a select group of people who share the same love for a product as you do. The result? You'll suddenly be a part of a community, a little niche group of folks that can parade around their urban landscape on a Friday or Saturday night; you'll create a subculture.

Sure, you're already a part of the Blackpink community, but are you part of Super73's Blackpink community? Probably not yet! But, if you want to be, you know what you need to do.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also include the Super73 Barbie EV.

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