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Blackbird Is a Fabulous Luxury Off-Grid Boathouse With a Secret Perk

“Blackbird” sounds imposing enough to be the name of a military ship or a historic vessel. However, it happens to belong to a boat meant for total relaxation, offering “a slice of heaven” away from the urban jungle.
Blackbird is a luxury off-grid boathouse in the UK 13 photos
Blackbird BoathouseBlackbird BoathouseBlackbird BoathouseBlackbird BoathouseBlackbird BoathouseBlackbird BoathouseBathhouseBathhouseBlackbird BoathouseBlackbird BoathouseBlackbird BoathouseBlackbird Boathouse
The past couple of years has shown an increased desire for freedom and off-grid living due to the forced isolation that changed many people’s perspectives on life. Some of them chose tiny homes on wheels, while others sailed away on their private boats. For those who aren’t ready to give up the urban lifestyle for good but who also long for peaceful days in the middle of nature, there’s the possibility of experiencing off-grid living temporarily.

In North Devon, UK, a freshwater lake is where a few boats are moored, each situated in such a way that they ensure total privacy for their dwellers. The Blackbird immediately stands out – this dark, monochromatic boat might seem a bit intimidating at first, but it reveals a warm and cozy interior that could melt away all worries.

This unusual-looking retreat is the first of a duo that Tregulland & Co will be offering in the area. A repurposed narrowboat that operated as a conventional canal boat throughout most of its life, Blackbird is now a luxury off-grid boathouse on the lake. Although its exact size isn’t specified, this cozy retreat is big enough for two.

The minimalistic and somber exterior reveals a surprisingly elegant interior. A double bed is not just comfortable but also offers gorgeous views. Built-in sofas and a woodburner create a magical atmosphere in the evening after a full day of exploring the natural surroundings. Despite being an isolated retreat (there’s no Wi-Fi), this boat offers the luxury of an en-suite shower room, plus a compact kitchen with a table for two.

And that’s not all. Blackbird is accompanied by a beautiful Bathhouse Boudoir. This separate dwelling features a dressing table and a love seat, in addition to the stunning Verdigris William Holland free-standing bathtub. Another example of how luxury hotel-like amenities can blend seamlessly with an isolated, off-grid lifestyle. At least while on vacation.

Those who want to spend time inside the unusual Blackbird can find out more details over at Tregulland & Co.

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