Black-Yellow-White 2017 Porsche 911 R Trio Shows Up at Illinois Dealer

Talk about a customer magnet - a Porsche dealer in Illinois now holds 0.3 percent of the world's 2017 911 R population and the company isn't afraid to brag about it.
2017 Porsche 911 R trio 5 photos
2017 Porsche 911 R in Black2017 Porsche 911 R2017 Porsche 911 R in White2017 Porsche 911 R in Yellow
Sure, since Porsche is only building 991 examples of the clutch special, this means the dealer now packs three Rs, but that's enough to get our hearts racing.

We're talking about Porsche Exchange, one of the most marketing-savvy dealers out there. More importantly, the move allows us to see what happens when a customer goes beyond the classic white theme of the 500 naturally aspirated horsepower Neunelfer.

To be more precise, the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, which includes all three rear-engined masterpieces, might include a white car, but it also brings us a black and a yellow one.

And with the white Porscha using the same red stripes as the white machine, we can easily play the comparo game. Then there's the yellow beast, whose owner simply said "no" to stripes. This emphasizes the 911's understated look and makes us lust for the driving involvement machine even more.

The 911 R was obviously sold out when it made its debut at this Spring's Geneva Motor Show, but this doesn't mean the collectible car market isn't boiling with predictions related to the stick shift delight.

In fact, the big question is whether the 2017 Porsche 911 R is the kind of car that can travel north of the $1 million point in the not-so-distant-future. In theory, owners should hold on to their Rs for quite some time. That's because Zuffenhausen has a VIP program that monitors purchases and once you flip your uber-limited Neunelfer, you no longer have a place on the list of privileged buyers.

Then again, such schemes can only protect the market from speculators up to a point, so it's probably just a matter of time until a ridiculous transaction shows up - a car has been listed for over one million earlier this year, but we couldn't verify the legitimacy of the ad.

Until we get to see what the cash translation of the 911 R is, we're inviting you to hit the "play" button below and enjoy the hue play.

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