Black Rhino May Have Built the Cheapest and Best Turnkey Camper, but It Might Be Extinct

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Photo: Black Rhino Caravans
Would you believe me if I told you that an off-road, off-grid, and fully equipped travel trailer can cost as low as $25K? Well, you'd better because what you have before you costs a tad under $25K, and once again, Australia is responsible for the magic.
Folks, the machine before us today is nothing more than the BR33 from Black Rhino Caravans (BRC), a little family-owned crew from the land down under that has only been on the market since 2021. This makes them a mere pup in the face of industry giants like Airstream and Winnebago, and I haven't even started talking about consecrated Australian manufacturers (one of them is Jayco).

Currently, if you visit BRC's website, you'll encounter only three models, each ranging in size, features, and capability, but the idea always remains the same: give the average Joe a chance to join in on the extreme side of mobile living and to do it all for as little bucks as possible. Considering the BR33 is priced at $37,990 Australian, or around $24,900 (at current exchange rates), and includes all the goodies I'll be running through, by the time we reach the end of this article, you'll understand why this puppy is staring us in the face.

Now, as I explored the manufacturer's website, I loved the fact that BRC mentions they like to build units that you can just hook up behind your truck and hit the road. In short, what we have here today is nothing more than a turnkey solution to off-grid and on-road living, and all that starts off with a design that's indicative of Australian machines: it's a pop-top camper or a hybrid.

Photo: Black Rhino Caravans
The benefits of this are paramount, but there are also a few drawbacks. Sure, while you're out there romping around and doing your proverbial thing, you'll be able to take full advantage of the lower center of gravity that a tent camper can offer. A solid departure angle is also integrated into the BR33's design.

Speaking of that shell, BRC mentions that what we see starts off with nothing more than an aluminum frame. Once that's in place, insulated sandwich panels from composite and aluminum are set in place to give the BR33 its final shape.

Furthermore, that shell integrates storage lockers where we find things like a slide-out galley tray, a large cargo hold, and access to our life-giving systems such as electrical and plumbing. Throw on some diamond plating, and we're set to hit the road.

As for the road itself, it won't really matter what you encounter, really. As standard, BRC throws on a heavy-duty and off-road-worthy independent suspension with two shock absorbers each. If you're aware of how they roll over in Australia, this is the absolute standard and a trend that the rest of the world is catching onto as well. But, from what I've seen - and I do encounter countless campers on a daily basis - the BR33 comes across as bearing one of the best price-for-capability ratios I've run across in recent years.

Photo: Black Rhino Caravans
Now, once we finally arrive at some destination in the middle of nowhere, it's time to discover what makes the rest of the BR33 so special. Nestled underneath some treeline with a brook flowing nearby, you get out of your truck and stretch your legs, take in a deep breath of fresh air, and start stabilizing and preparing what will become your temporary home.

At this stage, you'll pop that top, revealing an A-frame look and exposing the main bedding. There's a dinette inside as well, and being modular, if you're ever in a hurry or tired beyond belief, you don't even need to pop the top and just crawl into the enclosure and pass out.

Also found inside the BR33, future owners can look forward to things like an entertainment center with an LCD TV, plenty of storage options, lighting, power sockets, and anything else a ready machine is supposed to have. You have to love that view perched up above the ground, though.

Yet, what I love most about the BR33 is the way it entices us to live life outdoors, not just inside. After all, that's kind of the whole point, don't you think? With that in mind, let's head back outside and complete the rest of our campsite.

Photo: Black Rhino Caravans
At this stage, you'll want to unfurl that 270-degree awning, set up the rear outdoor shower, and, best of all, pull out that slide-out galley and start filling the air with your meal plan. Once that's nice and ready, give a shout-out to your significant other, throw up a couple of folding chairs, and enjoy your meal with the views and sounds of the world around you.

While you do that, the BR33 will be working more of its magic in the background. But, to fill up the 200 Ah of battery power, it seems we'll need to bring our own solar panels, but everything else, including an inverter and BMS, is already in place. Grab a cold one from the fridge, take a shower under god's everlasting gaze, and enjoy the good life for a whole lot less than I expected.

Before we go, there are just a few details I want to point out. First off, this is an Australian unit made by Australian hands and tuned to operate on Australian roads, so if you've fallen in love with it, you may have a hard time getting it back to your home country.

Second, it would seem that there's been little activity on BRC's ecosystem of late. The models they advertise are from 2023, so nothing for 2024. Not to mention, I still haven't found any social media pages for this company. Are they still out there? They better be because this is one optimized machine for this sort of cash. There's only one way to find out, really: pick up that phone, cover the long-distance calling costs, and book a trip to the land down under.
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