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"Black Mamba" Project 6x6 Land Rover Defender Is Ready for the Tough World
A Land Rover Defender. So what? It’s from the '80s. What do you mean it’s a 6x6!? No way that’s even real...What, I can buy it!? Hell ya, I've got 315K!

"Black Mamba" Project 6x6 Land Rover Defender Is Ready for the Tough World

Black Mamba ProjectBlack Mamba ProjectBlack Mamba ProjectBlack Mamba ProjectBlack Mamba ProjectBlack Mamba ProjectBlack Mamba ProjectBlack Mamba ProjectBlack Mamba ProjectBlack Mamba Project
Land Rover is just well, Land Rover. They’ve been making all-terrain vehicles since before I was born, before my parents even. Since 1948, when the first Land Rover appeared on the scene, they’ve been making sure you don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere because you followed that weird unbeaten path. Today, the company is still meeting on and off-road expedition needs.

At some point in history however, a Land Rover ended up in a fire station in South Africa. But not just any Rover, but a 6x6. That’s right folks, six-wheel-drive! The Defender model came with a V8 3.5 liter engine made to carry precious water for fighting fires. Not an easy task, no matter the size of the engine.

But this particular Defender is just the base for a dream that can be your reality. Classic Overland is a company currently in Georgia, but with roots planted in South Africa. The owner, Stebin Horne, found himself feeling boxed in corporate jobs at age 37 and decided to rather get into a movable box and start roaming.

His journey eventually led him to that fabled fire station. There, he fell in love with what he saw and started a project known as Black Mamba. Taking that late '80s 6x6 Defender and turning it into what you see today.

Stebin took that old firetruck and promised new life for it. Him and his team have made a completely new exterior for the Defender and I'm sure the interior is no exception either. The team held true to the boxy look Land Rover has come to be known for, and even added onto the rear axles a flatbed with utility storage and access. Also at the rear, we can see a skid guard for undercarriage protection, mud flaps, splash guards and a side exhaust. A roll cage sits atop the bed to offer protection in case you somehow manage to flip this thing. Here you’ll also find room for your spare tire.

Now let’s talk a little about the cabin. We can tell it has room for a group of four, maybe five if the last guy is tiny, as the ride shows us four doors for access. To get in there is a step bar to hop on. But I bet it’s also used for undercarriage protection too. It looks built into the chassis.

The front has been given a more modern and meaner look. Classic Land Rover lines and geometry would tell you it’s a Land Rover even if the emblems were missing. A heavy-duty front end has been thrown in, fully equipped with a wench, cable, and tow hooks. This bit is definitely built into the chassis.

Now obviously, the engine needed to be brought up to date too, and it was. The Mamba comes equipped with a GM LS3 E-ROD 6.2-liter engine able to push out 430 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque. A snorkel intake is also there to make sure you can safely cross some deep waters.

Here’s where it gets fun. It can be bought! With a starting price of $315,000 or 268,000 euro, you can own the Mamba. But remember, that’s just the starting price. Beyond that, it's fully customizable inside and out, within the team's capabilities so the final price will vary.


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