Biomega’s EIN Is the Last Bicycle Cargo Trailer You’ll Ever Want and Need

With the explosion happening in e-mobility, it’s no wonder there are more and more designs aimed at taking the whole game to the next level.
EIN Weightless Bike Trailer 9 photos
Photo: Biomega
EIN Weightless Bike TrailerEIN Weightless Bike TrailerEIN Weightless Bike TrailerEIN Weightless Bike TrailerEIN Weightless Bike TrailerEIN Weightless Bike TrailerEIN Weightless Bike TrailerEIN Weightless Bike Trailer
There's no doubt that urban mobility will be moving forward at incredible speeds, but something seems to be slowing everybody down, and that's cargo. Trailers have long been appreciated for their versatility; this holds true even for cyclists. However, with the amount of weight a trailer can add to a ride, most people use them in short-distance bursts. Maybe take your toddler to school, grab some groceries, hit the park with your dog, you know, usual short distance activities.

Biomega, on the other hand, is looking to change all that with their next addition to e-mobility, the EIN. Sure, you may be thinking it’s just a trailer, but what if I told you it’s a weightless trailer? I bet your interest would be just as sparked as mine. Heck, when I first heard the words “weightless bike trailer,” I started looking for all kinds of mechanisms that make this thing levitate. Little did I know.

EIN Weightless Bike Trailer
Photo: Biomega
The name Biomega may have run across your screen before as the company also produces an electric car that has little to do with bicycles, the Biomega EV. Since 1998, this company has been engaged in building premium design products ranging from bicycles, accessories all the way to full-blown vehicles.

The EIN falls into the accessory category from this company, but like all other products they offer, this one has received the same detail-oriented design. The first thing you’ll notice is a sleek and modern look that pops into view no matter what bike you’re riding. That is due to a full monocoque capsule and a simple and minimalist look.

The rear of the trailer sits on a central wheel which allows it to pivot easily during turns, while the front is attached to a hitch that wraps around your bike’s seat post. Mind you, these are the only classic things about this capsule.

EIN Weightless Bike Trailer
Photo: Biomega
What makes the EIN so special is that the wheel I mentioned earlier is electrically assisted, providing it with the weightless feeling. How? Well, the wheel includes a hub motor powered by a battery pack hidden neatly in the frame.

To get a better understanding of the mechanism, imagine you’re mounted on a bike that has an EIN hitched to it, but you’re at a standstill. The moment you push down on your pedal and start to get the bike moving, the wheel receives a signal, and the motor kicks in. When that happens, it’s basically compensating for the load behind you.

The motor has an output of 250 watts and is powered by the removable lithium-ion battery hidden into the frame. Overall, this battery and wheel setup will be good for a maximum of 150 km (93 miles). Once drained, you can get a full recharge in five hours.

EIN Weightless Bike Trailer
Photo: Biomega
The capsule's interior can accommodate two small children or a large pet, just perfect for afternoon rides. If you have no children or no pets, use it for groceries. Honestly, the versatility is endless.

Currently, this idea is funding on IndieGoGo, and you can pick one up for €745 ($891 at current exchange rates), to be shipped out December 2021, just in time for all those Christmas babies.

Personally, I love the idea. Why? It's simple, efficient, and applicable to a whole range of activities. I wonder if EIN comes from Einstein.

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