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Bikini Model Washes a Challenger Hellcat, Films Herself on the Joyride

Like any war, the horsepower war also needs hot girls to stop the troops from getting homesick. This next clip will show how a blonde bikini model called Christina keeps the Challenger SRT Hellcat happy by lovingly cleaning it.
Bikini Model Washes a Challenger Hellcat, Films Herself on the Joyride 1 photo
They say power is nothing without control, but we think girls are way better. Not to mention they are useful in more ways, since a hot blonde in a bikini can both wash your ride and give millions of men reason to watch a YouTube video.

Think back to the late 1960s when Dodge first entered the muscle car battle. It was an exciting time to be a fan of V8 engines. Until we got a 707 horsepower surprise in the summer of 2014, that side of the company was lacking except for the 426 HEMI and 440 Magnum.

Could you imagine filming this sort of footage with a 1.4-liter Dodge Dart? You know what they say, women fake it because they want to have relationships while men fake the relationships in order to have the orgasms. But why put her through all that trouble – just buy a freaking Hellcat!

We've seen plenty of reaction videos were the girls are filmed inside super-powered rides. But I don't think there's ever been a video where the girl does the filming. Correct us if we're wrong, but she doesn't seem to be all that excited about being in the Hellcat.

Hello, lady, this is only the most incredible rubber burning machine ever to sport a supercharged SRT engine! Or are you too used to Ferraris and Lamborghinis?

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