Biker Strikes, Karma Strikes Back. Lol.

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Photo: Youtube
Now, this is one of the fines examples of lolriding I came across in quite a long time, and a very self-explanatory demonstration of how karma can be a bitch. Or, if you’re not okay with karma, we can insert a dash of “what comes around goes around”. Or just plain old silly behavior which has never gotten anyone anywhere…
Kicking cars in traffic is not only very stupid, but also highly illegal… and not in a sense that kicking them while stopped is legal. In case a rider happens to kick a car he or she could be facing property damage charges and even more, from misconduct to reckless driving and the list could go on for quite some time.

Obviously, there is another hilarious possibility, namely seeing the rider kicking the car actually kicking himself to the ground. Physics teaches us that a bigger mass requires a bigger force applied to it in order to be able to move that mass. While the door of a car can be bent fairly easy with a kick, the reaction force is considerable and seemingly, it is more than enough to destabilize a motorcycle, especially as its rider is definitely not expecting a counter force.

Fact is, this chap who wanted to look tough and strike fear in the heart of the driver who presumably cut him off ended up in shame, pain and bruises, and with a neat repair bill for his bike. Hopefully the driver laughed hard enough to forget about filing a complaint with the nearest police station. Even though he/she might have very well done so because of the car door damage.

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