Biker Rear-Ends Car And Jumps On Trunk, We Have A New Spiderman

Some of you probably remember that rider from a couple of years ago, who got cut off on the highway by a sedan and rear-ended it but managed to do a quick flip and land on the car's roof safely. Well, I can’t tell if it’s the same guy, but it happened again.
Rider rear-ends car 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from video
As with the first case, the crash here happens on a highway, and it looks to be a conglomerate of faults that led to it. Rant coming in three... two... one...

It appears that there are a lot of drivers out there who can’t understand the speeding lane. In our case here, it is the third lane, the closest one to the median of the highway.

The highway code usually goes like this: the first lane is for slow cars and trucks, the second lane is for those wanting to go faster, and the third one (if any) is for drivers that want to overtake everything.

So why the hell is that gray sedan doing in the third lane if it’s going the same speed as the car to his right? That was probably the same thing that crossed the mind of the speeding driver coming from behind too.

He/she had to brake hard to avoid rear-ending the slow vehicle, but as you can see in the video, his/her car’s stoplights aren’t working. This is one of the most annoying and dangerous types of driving - not checking your vehicle for faults like this from time to time and mending the issue.

As a consequence, the motorcyclist riding behind (probably speeding too) couldn’t realize the car up front is slowing down so fast and smashed into its trunk. Luckily, the rider landed on the lid and probably suffered only some bruises.

What do we learn from this video? As a car driver, don’t be a self-centered idiot and use the lanes according to your speed. Also, check your damn vehicle for faults at least once a month. Stuff like broken lights is easy to detect and fix, so you don’t have an excuse for not knowing about the problem.

As a rider, stay focused even when riding on the highway, keep your distance, stay within the speed limits and always scan your surroundings for an escape if something bad happens.

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