Biker Clubs Coming In Next Grand Theft Auto Online Update

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Photo: Rockstar
GTA Online Bikers updateGTA Online Bikers updateGTA Online Bikers update
Grand Theft Auto (GTA) surely is the most controversial action game of all times. Apart from letting you steal cars, pickup hookers, have fun, then kill them and get the money back, you can rob banks, beat people with phallic objects, kill cops and even steal a military jet and bring havoc to a large city. If all these seem unexciting already, soon, you’ll be able to join motorcycle gangs.
That’s right folks, “Bikers” is the next big addition to GTA Online and it will offer a taste of how it’s like to be in a 1%er motorcycle gang riding heavy cruisers, not obeying the law, pushing drugs and weapons on the streets and being a total rebel.

The new update will allow you to create your very own Motorcycle Club which can be joined by up to 8 players. And just as in the real world, players will start as Prospects and work their way up the ranks up to Presidents.

To set the mood right, the update comes with a range of new motorcycles, properties that include MC Clubhouses with a special custom Biker mechanic, and venues for seedy business ventures. More flavor will come in the shape of new weapons, styles, tattoos and clothing, making this update a huge addition to the world of GTA Online.

It sounds pretty impressive, and it would be awesome to see the world of GTA Online turn into one giant virtual battle between motorcycle gangs to control their turf. Or it could all go down in failure as trolling kids will start mowing the bikers down using fast cars.

Rockstar also announces this week will offer new bonuses and discounts in the game, including Double GTA$ and RP, half-price military and utility vehicles from Warstock Cache & Carry, Ammu-Nation price cuts and even a 25% cheaper Armored Kuruma.
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