Swerving to Avoid Van Causes Biker to Crash at High Speed

Some roads are simply beautiful for a bike ride, and pretty much any corner of the world has something to offer when thinking about that, regardless of the bike you're riding. Yet there are some roads which have something magic about them and are enthralling riders, inviting them the throttle on and on.
It's the case of Meses, north-west Romania, a series of tall hills with countless curves of all types up and down the slope, making an awesome track for both touring and sporty riders. Yet, the road is a very busy one, as it links two large cities in the area, so there's danker lurking around every corner.

And even more, when a van decides to steer left over a continuous center line (Romanian law forbids this) and there's an incoming bike riding at SBK speed, nothing good can happen. You can jump to 02:50 if you're looking for the crash itself, but watching the entire footage will reveal more of the dangers of this public road racing habit.

The rider made it through, both legs and a hand broken, and with severe spine injury; he's OK now and rides again.
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