Bike Aware, a New Irish Road Safety Campaign which Should Bring More Drivers to Their Senses – Video

DOE Road Safety "Bike Aware" campaign 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
Here’s the latest DOE Road Safety "Bike Aware" motorcyclist safety campaign, a new episode in the efforts of the Irish government to make roads safer for everyone, and especially for motorcycle riders. According to this PSA, distracted drivers are the main cause for motorcycle deaths in Ireland and this appears to be the pivotal point of this rather depressing short.
No matter how gloomy and distressful the video after the jump may seem to anyone, it shows nothing but the real situation on the roads across the world. Some said that Bike Aware is unnecessarily disturbing… funny thing, all of the fellows I heard claiming this are not riding. To add a twist of dark humor to this story, I showed this video to some of my riding fellows and they just nodded in approval.

That’s how life looks from behind the handlebars

In a way, they seemed to just say “well, there is nothing really shocking about this video… that’s just what we live with every time we get on the bike, isn’t it?” Unfortunately, I also have to agree with these guys’ point of view, because I see similarly dangerous situation every other day, with drivers cutting bikers (or me) off, changing lanes and passing without checking the road or their mirrors and so on.

Still, I am not okay with the slightly more paranoid riders who say that such distracted drivers are out for bikers. To an even gloomier result, I’d add to the death statistics the very drivers who lose their lives in accidents involving other cars, accidents caused by the very same irresponsible behavior behind the wheel. And I won’t even say a thing about the vehicles’ other occupants.

All in all, the more aware all road users are, the better the chances of each making it home to their beloved ones and enjoying the coming spring. Ride safe!

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