Big Turbo Lexus Mops the Floor With Dodge Charger Hellcat in Spectacular Race

Sedans might not enjoy the popularity they had back in the day, but there's still a corner of the automotive world that adores them. There are multiple such corners, but, for now, we'll focus on the racing realm, with the help of a Dodge Charger Hellcat and a Lexus IS.
Big Turbo 2JZ Lexus Races Dodge Charger Hellcat 6 photos
Big Turbo 2JZ Lexus Races Dodge Charger HellcatBig Turbo 2JZ Lexus Races Dodge Charger HellcatBig Turbo 2JZ Lexus Races Dodge Charger HellcatBig Turbo 2JZ Lexus Races Dodge Charger HellcatBig Turbo 2JZ Lexus Races Dodge Charger Hellcat
For an untrained eye, the first-generation IS that currently sits before us would be the underdog of the straight-line battle. That's because this is a serious build, albeit one that makes no effort to hide the vehicle's age.

Then again, we can't quite call it a sleeper. For one, the beadlock wheels securing those drag-friendly rear tires and the parachute mount adorning the car's posterior are clues towards the monster lurking under the hood. Hey, the Lex even has a headlight intake to feed the said beast.

You see, this is an IS300 sharing its 2JZ-GE straight-six with the infamous Mk IV Toyota Supra. Nevertheless, the motor has left its naturally aspirated nature behind and now features a big turbo conversion. YouTuber Can I Be Frank, who caught the stunt on camera, doesn't mention the output of the vehicle, but the sprinting abilities of the machine speak for themselves.

As for the Mopar machine, its supercharged 6.2-liter V8 has also been taken past the factory output of 707 hp, with the HEMI now using bolt-on goodies, E85 setup included. Of course, we must also keep in mind that these sedans play in completely different scale footprint leagues.

With the two engaging in a street brawl, getting an even start seems to have been an issue. And we can say the same about finding traction, especially in the case of the Lexus—hey, these are just two of the reasons why such battles such take place within the safe environment provided by the drag strip. After all, the prepped surface of the track, as well as the Christmas Tree, are there for a reason.

However, the challenges mentioned above were eventually overcome by the enthusiasts wielding the contraptions, with the result being dramatic, to say the least.

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