Big and Bold Tiny Home Packed With Custom Features Is the Ultimate Luxury Abode

The Outlander is one of the most striking industrial-style tiny homes, packed with custom features 23 photos
Photo: Artisan Tiny Homes
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If you feel that too many tiny homes look like each other or that masculine, bold styles are pushed to the side in favor of frilly, bohemian, feminine styles, this stunning tiny house will be a breath of fresh air. The Outlander is a rare take on the contemporary industrial style in a small home frame, topped with quirky, custom-made pieces that bring out its strong personality even more.
Once in a while, folks looking to downsize will go for a bold approach in terms of style. Who said that a tiny home can't be luxurious, sophisticated, and original? The Outlander is striking inside and out. The all-black exterior with literally no color accent makes it modernly stealthy; at night, it becomes a secretive haven hidden in the middle of nature. Inside, impeccable interior design with a marked industrial inspiration could easily make contemporary mansions blush.

This bold unit, designed and built in Tasmania, doesn't compromise spaciousness. While the width and height were maintained at standard parameters, the length was extended to nine meters (29.5 feet), giving this home enough room to play with modern styling and luxury amenities. "Big” means a sophisticated open-space kitchen, a king-size loft bedroom, a lavish lounge, and a bathroom with a bathtub and a separate, full-size shower cabin.

The Outlander Tiny House
Photo: Artisan Tiny Homes
In fact, the bathroom might be the most impressive part of this entire house. It's a custom-made work of art worthy of a luxurious, eccentric mansion. The shower cabin, bathtub, and sink are no ordinary appliances; the sink is made from a keg, the bathtub is a converted ice tub, and the walls of the shower cabin are corrugated iron; these custom-made pieces bring the bathroom's industrial style to life in the most sophisticated way, with a powerful visual impact.

The minimalist wooden furniture is also custom-made, including the vanity and the clever deep-set shelves for space-saving storage. The tapware throughout is matte black, in line with the industrial style and in contrast to the bright-white shiplap walls. Two large windows instead of one keep this gorgeous bathroom filled with natural light and properly ventilated. Every detail was carefully added to enhance the overall style, and this included the concrete-mimicking texture of the waterproof flooring.

The same type of concrete-like flooring was added throughout the entire home for a cohesive, industrial look. In the kitchen area, the countertop and the staircase tops flaunt the same concrete-like texture for a striking visual effect. The industrial-style color palette combines neutral, urban tones with matte black furnishings and accents – the result is clean, minimalist elegance with a bold, masculine undertone.

The Outlander Tiny House
Photo: Artisan Tiny Homes
In pure Australian fashion, the countertop doubles as an informal breakfast bar that could also be used as a spacious home office. Huge windows are also essential to Aussie tiny homes. The Outlander's lounge looks and feels like a sophisticated oasis in the middle of nature. Surrounded by spectacular views (thanks to the clever integration of large windows and sliding glass doors), the L-shaped bench becomes even more inviting. It also offers abundant storage underneath, which helps keep the main entry section clutter-free.

To keep this industrial-style home from looking too cold, the experts at Artisan Tiny Homes added a few touches of color in the form of artwork and a beautiful pendant in the lounge area. This pendant was also custom-designed, and all the lights throughout the house are original features. The warmth and light of these carefully added items successfully warm up the ambiance; although cool and sophisticated, The Outlander is just as cozy and inviting as a more traditional tiny.

The Outlander Tiny House
Photo: Artisan Tiny Homes
Various storage hacks were also cleverly incorporated throughout. A transition area between the kitchen and the bathroom acts as a spacious wardrobe, while the kitchen comes with large cabinets and overhead shelves.

The staircase is another visually striking element that seems to double as a decorative item. It combines a staircase and a ladder into a uniquely shaped structure that seems to be floating on air. At the same time, it's a comfortable, safe way to access the loft bedroom, and it also provides extra storage; we love the faded effect of the integrated open cabinets that gradually decrease in size – far from a basic ladder, this custom staircase with a metallic handrail is a work of art in its own right.

A partial safety wall adds privacy to the bedroom without isolating it. This practical wall doubles as a storage solution and is also where a TV set can be mounted. The owners asked for a spacious, comfy bedroom, and that's what they got. A king-sized mattress takes up most of the space, flanked by large windows on both sides. LED lights and power points are the only additions to this private sanctuary.

The Outlander Tiny House
Photo: Artisan Tiny Homes
The Outlander is a luxurious one-bedroom home, but it could easily become a stunning Airbnb. It's one of the finest examples of industrial-barn aesthetics topped with unique custom features. Rich in storage and amenities, this Tasmanian beauty seamlessly combines the comfort of a modern family home with the sophisticated style of a luxury resort.
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