Bieber Takes Yovanna Ventura to Fast Food Lunch in His Leopard-Wrap Audi R8

Famous or not famous, when you drive an Audi R8 covered in leopard wrap around the city chances people won’t notice you are as small as rain in the dessert. And Justin Bieber is quite the celebrity fans always chase, so of course paparazzi got him on camera. The pop star took his new date, model Yovanna Ventura, to pick up some fast food, on Wednesday.
Bieber Takes Yovanna Ventura to Fast Food Lunch in His Jaguar-wrap Audi R8 1 photo
Is it us or Baby singer is now turning back to old lovers? Hold your horses, we mean the car, not Yovanna. Well, maybe both. Anyway, Bieber’s leopard-ish R8 was no doubt welcomed with a lot of criticism last year when he first was seen driving it. But if you wouldn’t be such a hater, you’d take a second to find out that the leopard print paint job the 20-year old star bestowed upon his Audi, is reportedly a match to one of his favorite shoe-trouser combinations.

But let us look a bit closer. The mid-engine 2-seater sports car was introduced by the German automaker Audi AG in 2006. The car is based to the Lamborghini Gallardo platform and packs a V10 FSI engine with two turbocharges rated at 602 horsepower. It’s fast and powerful, but also considered the average daily car. Hard to say if the wear-pants-as-low-as-possible singer is in fact trying to subtly admit his a Jaguar fan, or he just doesn’t care what people think of his cars.

As to his lovelife, for those few of you who actually care, tabloids in US write Bieber and 18-year old model Yovanna Ventura are dating. Well, another one bites the dust.


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