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Bicyclist Completes Crashed One:1's 'Ring Lap, Celebrates with Koenigsegg Wine

Having already talked about Koenigsegg's One:1 Nurburgring crash analysis and the resulting safety update, it's time to talk about less serious business.
Bicyclist Completes Crashed One:1's Ring Lap , Celebrates with Koenigsegg Wine 1 photo
No, we're not referring to the rumors stating Angelholm had already beat the Porsche 918 Spyder's 6:57 lap time, grabbing an unofficial production car Nurburgring record during testing.

Instead, we're talking about a little adventure that comes from a Ring aficionado who decided to complete the crashed One:1's lap. We're dealing with Boosted Boris, a comrade who seems ready to do whatever it takes to see the trophy mentioned above going into Angelholm's trophy cabinet.

To be more precise, Boris turned to the boost of his own legs, going for a partial Green Hell lap on a bike. Perhaps we need to make things clear here - the man didn't use a motorcycle, turning to pedal power instead. And since he used a green bike, we can probably talk about serious carbon footprint offsetting here.

We expected nothing less from him than a "mission accomplished" status. And since he delivered just that, the comrade decided to celebrate with a bottle of Koenigsegg.

You know, the Brut Rosé that has nothing to do with the Swedish hypercars. Instead, we're dealing with a Pinot Noir example that comes from Austrian label Schloss Halbturn.

We're not sure whether the 13 percent alcohol of the Koenigsegg sparkling wine is enough for Boris' Russian spirit, though. Given the circumstances, perhaps he should try some Eggnog instead. There must be somebody at the infamous German track who knows a good recipe.

P.S.: In case you're wondering what the woman in the background is doing on top of the protection barrier on the side of the track, we can't tell you that. However, we might be talking about car nut Dyana F, who gave us the superb Porsche 911 GT2 Nurburgring panning shot we showed you earlier today.

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