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Bicycles Are Getting Increasingly Popular, High Demand Is Outstripping Supply

Once regarded as some sort of witchcraft in the 1800s, bicycles gained popularity in the 1880s with high wheelers and safeties. The latter term is obsolete nowadays, and as we know it, the bicycle has revolutionized our way of life because it’s a cheap means of personal transportation.
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Often used as an alternative to motorbikes and automobiles as well as the bus and train, bicycles are in greater demand than ever nowadays because of the global health crisis. Simply put, an increasing number of people who need to go places prefer cycling to public transportation, internal combustion, and EVs.

As you can tell from the screenshot serving as the main photo of this story, the “bicycle for sale” search term is more popular than ever on Google Trends. Notable increases can be seen in the past three months, but the growing demand often proves troublesome to bicycle shops as well as bicycle manufacturers.

Market research company NPD Group reports that children and adult bikes have seen double – and triple-digit sales increases in the retail sector in the U.S. in this past handful of months. In addition to commuting, the two-wheeled contraption is also useful if one feels a bit stiff from laying or sitting, working at home all day long.

Chico Enterprise-Record paints an even bleaker picture for the supply chain. “Hardtail mountain bikes, entry-level mountain bikes, cruisers, and commuters have been the hardest hit. They’re sold out globally," said Evan Billman, manager at AMain Cycling in Chico, California. "This is a phenomenon that’s affecting everyone – shops all over the world can’t get those bikes."

But that’s not all. Adjusting to the extended periods of staying at home also means that the sports industry as a whole is experiencing growth. Google Trends confirms the increasing demand for exercise bikes, treadmills, and dumbbells in addition to many more items that come in useful during these times of hardships.

On a related note, did you know Specialized has an e-bike that costs as much as the Chevy Spark? At the time of writing, the $13,500 S-Works Turbo Creo SL is listed as "out of stock."


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