Bicycles and Cars Aren’t Meant to Share Roads - Proven in Russia

The problem of bicyclists on the road, among cars, buses and trucks is a tricky one to explain. Some bike users argue that there are not enough bike lanes or that the sidewalks are too crowded, but factually speaking, it is very dangerous to ride your bike in traffic.
Car / Bike Crash in Russia 1 photo
We personally have seen our fair share of car versus bicycle ‘unfortunate events’, let’s call them, and this video from Russia is just more proof to back up the point. This guy is just riding along (in the car’s blind spot) and the man behind the wheel of the car makes a right turn (without indicating) and the biker crashes straight into the car.

Thankfully the speeds were very low and nobody was injured. Some swearing may have occurred and the driver, for not looking, definitely deserved a ‘verbal beating’.

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