Bi-Fuel Propane System Introduced to the U.S. Market

Icom North America, an alternative fuel solutions provider, has developed a liquid propane injection technology with potential environmental and fuel economy advantages and will introduce the product on the U.S. automotive aftermarket.

The system uses an injector to bring liquid propane in the engine’s manifold. It is controlled by the vehicle’s OEM powertrain module - it does not require a dedicated electronic control unit. This architecture makes the system easy to install. The company will introduce the bi-fuel version of the system, as the mono-fuel one is already on the U.S. market. Icom will also offer propane fuel tanks.

The Icom JTG Propane Liquid Injection System can be installed on virtually any gasoline vehicle with multi-point injection. It will have excellent drivability, performance and torque, with reduced emissions. The gasoline mode is not disturbed; it can still be used.” Raplh Perpetuini, Icom’s CEO said. "It’s especially suitable for fleet vehicles, including taxi and livery; law enforcement; state, county and municipal vehicles and other high mileage vehicles,” he added.

Icom’s bi-fuel application is currently featured on over 100,000 vehicles globally, as the Icom JTG is available on over 15 markets worldwide. In the U.S., over 5,000 vehicles are currently using the mono-fuel propane system.

We have begun to expand our professional sales, installation and service network in the U.S. We have found a high level of technical expertise among our first partners. Many are propane fuel providers capable of providing a one-stop service for fleets,” Perpetuini said.


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