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BFeMax Hardtail MTB Is a Steel Bomber Made To Tackle Just About Any Terrain
Searching the world for bikes that stand apart, I've run across a British manufacturer that builds their machines out of nothing more than good ol' steel.

BFeMax Hardtail MTB Is a Steel Bomber Made To Tackle Just About Any Terrain

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Folks, Cotic is a bicycle manufacturer out of the U.K. that saw its beginning in 2002. What makes them unique isn't just their bicycle know-how, but the fact that each bike this crew designs and builds features a frame completed using nothing more than timeless steel.

Now, before you decide to skip over this article about a steel MTB, just know that technology has come a long way since we were kids, and today, steel can, in some cases, be more favorable over aluminum and carbon fiber. Just to get a quick idea of why steel is so special, this material first bends before breaking under stress; the same cannot be said about aluminum and steel.

With the above words in mind, time to look at a hardtail MTB from this manufacturer and one that has been getting some rather tasty reviews, the BFeMax. Heck, there's a video posted at the bottom of this article, and the places the host takes this bike are more than sketchy.

One way to get an idea about this machine is to take note of some of its geometry. But, before I go on, I must point out that Cotic offers an array of builds optimized for particular riding styles and budgets. Furthermore, head tube and seat tube angles will differ depending on the amount of travel your fork has.

Starting with a 120 mm (4.72 in) fork, for a medium-size BFeMax, you'll find a head tube angle of 66 degrees, seat tube angle of 75.5 degrees, a reach of 468 mm (18.4 in), chainstay of 444 mm (17.5 in), and a wheelbase of 1208 mm (47.6 in). As the travel on your fork gets larger (up to 160 mm), the reach will remain the same, but your head tube and seat tube will become slacker, the wheelbase will be longer.

As for the sort of cash you can expect to dish out on one of these puppies, options are ample. For starters, you can pick up nothing more than a rolling chassis for 1,351 GBP (1,765 USD at current exchange rates) or start off with a complete bike for 2,125 GBP (2,776 USD). For this price, you'll be boasting a microShift Advent X drivetrain with an 11-48T cassette tuned to 10 speeds. Shimano Deore components also make their appearance in the shape of brakes and rotors. As for the suspension on this build, a RockShox Revelation with 150 mm (5.9 in) is tuned to sport 29 in tires.

However, BFeMax sports Sram and an Eagle GX AXS drivetrain at the opposite end of the spectrum. An Eagle GX cassette with 10-52T is tuned to 12 speeds while braking is handled by Sram again with Guide RSC and 200 mm (7.87 in) rotors. Suspension is handled by a Cane Creek Helm29 with 140 mm (5.5 in) of travel and the WTB Verdict tires with 2.4 in cross-section. Let's not forget that you will also receive a dropper post with this setup and be asked to dish out 4,119 GBP (5,382 USD).

The two builds mentioned above are but extremes of what Cotic offers. In truth, the manufacturer's website includes a configurator, so those numbers are nothing more than a guideline for what to expect. If you want to see this puppy in action, you may have to wait until Cotic sends us a BFeMax (in the works as we speak) or peek at the video below.

At the end of the day, the bike looks to be more than ready for just anything that doesn't include too big a drop and can be equipped with top-shelf equipment. How do you feel about the BFeMax? Would you drop near 3,000 USD to join your cycling buddies with a steel wonder?


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