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Better Late Than Never: Major Android Auto Bug Catches Google’s Attention

Android Auto is an app that’s supposed to make the experience behind the wheel as straightforward and convenient as possible so drivers, therefore, wouldn’t have to interact with their phones at all.
The overhauled Android Auto experience 6 photos
The new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UI
This is the reason the voice command support is such an important part of the entire experience, as users are allowed to make phone calls, set the navigation app, listen to a specific song, or send a message without even touching the screen.

However, several users (and the number is growing on a daily basis) discovered that the voice command integration in Android Auto is glitchy, to say the least, as the feature no longer works when the mobile device is locked.

In other words, if the smartphone is in a locked phase, pretty much any voice command these users send is ignored by Android Auto. In some cases, Google Assistant does respond, saying it’ll perform the requested task, but it ends up not doing it anyway.

The behavior is sometimes getting even weirder, as some users claim that even waking up the mobile device without actually unlocking it brings things back to normal. In other words, Android seems to be the one that suspends Android Auto and its related services, so the moment the device wakes up, the operating system gives the green light to perform any requested task.

Obviously, all signs seem to suggest that Google is the only one that should come up with a fix, and fortunately, the Mountain View-based search giant has already started looking into these reports.

It took a while, that’s for sure, as the problem was first reported in early June, but given the number of users struggling with the same glitch on Android Auto, Google decided it’s time to look into the whole thing and try to figure out what’s not working properly.

Of course, an ETA as to when a fix could land isn’t yet available.


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