Bespoke Honda CB400 Super Four Gets Infused With a Mesmerizing Cafe Racer Blend

Of all the modified CB400s we’ve seen lately, this bad boy comes across as the most striking.
Honda CB400 Super Four 6 photos
Honda CB400 Super FourHonda CB400 Super FourHonda CB400 Super FourHonda CB400 Super FourHonda CB400 Super Four
A few weeks ago, one of Katros Garage’s most outstanding two-wheeled entities has honored the autoevolution pages with its glorious presence, namely that of a Kawasaki Z900RS subjected to a flawless makeover. We noticed you folks were rather fond of this mechanical spartan, so we’ve taken the liberty of featuring yet another surreal creature bred on this workshop’s premises.

The donor for this undertaking is a 1996 variant from Honda’s potent CB400 Super Four range. Within its frame, this little devil carries a liquid-cooled inline-four engine that feeds its force to a chain final drive via a five-speed transmission. The four-stroke mill packs four valves per cylinder head and a respectable displacement of 399cc.

This bad boy summons 53 hp at around 10,000 rpm and 30 pound-feet (40 Nm) of torque at 7,500 rpm. Ultimately, the CB400 will accelerate to 60 mph (96 kph) from a dead stop in just 4.6 seconds, while its quarter-mile time is rated at 13.5 seconds. As soon as this machine arrived under Katros’ roof, the Indonesian craftsmen wasted no time stripping it naked of its factory garments.

In their stead, the crew installed a neat selection of custom bodywork items they’ve manufactured in-house, such as a cafe racer-style tail section with integrated LED lighting, bespoke side panels, and one gorgeous gas tank hand-shaped using steel. The bike’s front end is adorned by aftermarket handlebars and an LED headlight, as well as a tiny one-off fairing and a new fender.

Additionally, the stock hoops have been discarded to make way for a handsome pair of laced alternatives. In terms of performance upgrades, the inline-four powerplant was blessed with a heat-wrapped four-into-two exhaust system and fresh air filters. Finally, the entire structure received a sexy color scheme, consisting of a gunmetal grey base and red pinstripes.

What’s your take on Katros Garage’s magnificent creation?


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