Bespoke Feline: Eagle E-Types Debuts Spyder GT

There’s something about Eagle E-Types that makes petrolheads like you and me go weak at the knees. The Speedster is a mashup of vintage and modern, the Low Drag GT is a grand tourer in the truest sense of the word, and this - the Spyder GT - is the third Eagle in the trilogy to take flight.
Eagle Spyder GT 13 photos
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Developed and handcrafted by the company that prides itself on making the finest Jaguar E-Types in the world, the Eagle Spyder GT combines the aesthetics of the Speedster with the touring capability of the Eagle Low Drag GT. Think of this British kitty as the best of both worlds or as a Swiss army knife with wheels… and a folding roof.

The third model in the Eagle E-Types trilogy is an all-aluminum roadster based on and inspired by the original from 1961. Look closely at the Spyder GT and you’ll see that every detail entices the eyes, including the windscreen and wire wheels. As for the interior, words can’t describe the atmosphere created by genuine aluminum panels, leather as soft as butter, and a classically correct wood rim steering wheel. Only the Pioneer stereo gives the impression that this isn’t a veteran feline.

Eagle E-Types hasn’t given any details about what lurks under the beautiful body shell of the Spyder GT. That will happen when the first example of the breed will be presented to the commissioning customer this summer. From the photographs provided by the company, it’s easy to confirm that Ohlins Racing shock absorbers and four-pot AP Racing brake calipers are on the menu for this car.

If our intuition is correct, the engine is an Eagle Lightweight E-Type aluminum block taken out to 4.7 liters. Thanks to the high-performance crankshaft, pistons, con rods, and the addition of an ECU-controlled fuel injection system, the straight-six should produce 346 horsepower and 360 lb-ft (488 Nm) of torque. Considering that the Low Drag GT offers the same power-to-weight ratio as a pre-facelift Porsche 911 Turbo (991), the Eagle Spyder GT shouldn’t be far behind. Watch out, this cat’s got claws!

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