Bertone Preparing Aston Martin Rapide Shooting Brake for Geneva

Last week, we showed you a teaser photo that Italian design house Bertone wanted us to see. It was dark and didn't reveal much about the car, but it turns out that they are preparing a shooting brake version of the Rapide saloon for the Geneva Motor Show.
Bertone Jet 2+2 5 photos
Bertone Jet 2+2Bertone Jet 2+2Bertone Jet 2+2Bertone Jet 2+2
According to Autocar, who uncovered these photos, the Rapide with a big boot is actually called the Jet 2+2 and it's built to order for Aston Martin themselves, who are splurging on their 60th birthday.

The styling is obviously based on the new Rapide S, but Berton has really done a number on the old girl. The front bumper features two addition intakes, though nothing is as radical as the back. There, they've created a look that has more in common with the Vanquish AM310, with a set of connected taillights and a different boot shape.


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