Bernie Ecclestone Says ‘Schumacher Should Not Have Returned’

Seven-time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher retired from the glitzy world of Formula 1 in 2006, and nobody really expected him to ever return to the sport as a driver. Well, in 2010, he did yet his second incursion into F1 was nowhere near as successful as his first one, managing just one podium finish, until his second and final retirement, at the end of the current 2012 season.
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Far from going unnoticed, this rather negative record attracted the attention of many, who criticized the German for his decision. Now, F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone gives his own thoughts on the matter. He said: "I would rather he had stopped as a seven-time world champion than stopping now [. . .] People new to the sport - people who have joined the F1 fan fraternity just recently - will remember Michael now, not as he was [. . .] They don't see the hero that he was but the human that can fail. I think the important thing is - and this is probably difficult - to know when you can't do what you used to do anymore and then hand it over to somebody else.

He concluded the idea, saying: "I hope that's what I can do: when I feel I can't deliver, I will certainly say goodbye." Nevertheless, Ecclestone did admit to the fact that the world of F1 is not necessarily a better place sans-Schumacher, as he was a well-known figure which brought additional attention (and money) into the sport. "We will miss Michael, because even though he wasn't winning races in those three years, he is still very popular," Ecclestone said.

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