Berkshire XLT Boasts the Sort of Lifestyle Features Worthy of Draining Your Bank Account

When you're out there on the road, driving for hours on end, there are plenty of needs you'll want to be met. With that in mind, I've decided to explore a machine that appears to have everything you'd ever want in an RV and then some. Once we're done exploring the Berkshire XLT motorhome, you may find yourself rushing to a phone.
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Photo: Forest River Inc.
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Folks, autoevolution is celebrating everything RV-related. This means machine after machine designed to do nothing else but offer you the very best lifestyle you can experience while on the road. Sure, you'll be asked to drop around half a million dollars on a new XLT, but the tradeoff is that you no longer need to own a landlocked home. Today, we'll live out of such a motorhome for the next few minutes.

Now, there are three XLT models to choose from, but no matter your destiny, you're basically subject to the exact same vehicle, except for the size of your awning. So to stand apart from the other XLTs on the road, Forest River, the minds and hands behind this puppy offer an extensive list of standard and optional features. Do take the time to dive deeper once we're finished here.

Picture this: you wake up in the morning and head to the XLT's cab to start this sucker for the day's work. With a stroke of the key, you hear a Cummins ISL engine with 450 HP and 1,250 lb-ft (1,695 Nm) of torque start purring like a panther. Don't worry; the power won't shake or disturb your Freightliner chassis. The shell of this puppy won't be feeling the engine either. With a hydraulic leveling system, anti-camber support system, and fiberglass making up most of the body, everyone else will probably keep sleeping. Block foam insulation won't just keep things warm but will also help with soundproofing.

Berkshire XLT Interior
Photo: Forest River Inc.
Once the gang – up to around 12 folks can fit in one of the units – starts waking up, it's time to unfurl all this puppy can do. One of the kids wakes up, and suddenly, all hell breaks loose. HD TVs are going off; someone connected their smart device to the Bose sound system and is now blaring Brittney Spears while you're sitting in the middle of it all with a pot of water waiting for your turn to use the stove, even though you got there first. Luckily you still have some cold brew in the fridge. Maybe you want ice with that.

Minutes go by, and folks start emerging from one of the two bathrooms the 45CA floorplan boasts, clean and ready to tackle the day. The smell of sausages, eggs, and toasted bread fills the air, only briefly, as someone turns on the ventilation systems. Don't worry; there are solar panels, an inverter, and six batteries to keep things running smoothly. No sun where you're going? How's a generator with auto-start control sound for your needs?

With bellies full, everyone sits around waiting for the day's activities. Since you all will be splitting up, some kayaking, some riding e-bikes, while others scale cliffs, there's plenty to talk about. Luckily, most of the spaces where folks were sleeping just minutes ago have now been transformed into social areas like a dinette and several couches. Yup, the over-cab lift bed is raised too.

Berkshire XLT Galley
Photo: Forest River Inc.
Today, you decide to stick around and tend to the XLT because tomorrow, you'll begin the second leg of this two-week journey. Since water pumps are in order and tanks have been filled or emptied, you decide to head inside and ensure that all instruments are in working order. Sitting in the driver's seat, you can't help but run your fingers along the 3D carbon fiber dash panels, check your lights and mirrors, and, just for giggles, you turn on the seat warmers. Sure, it's the middle of summer, but there's nothing like warm buns. After all, the three AC units have been blasting you with a total of 45,000 BTUs of cold air.

All systems go; it's time to relax. But which of the countless TVs to choose from? Oh, I know, the one sitting next to the electric fireplace. By the time you're done watching a movie on your Blu-ray player and taking the clothes out of the dryer, everyone is back and hungrier than ever. Since you were responsible for dinner, just say that you had a lot on your own plate today. Don't worry; I won't mention a thing about what really happened here.

The following day, everyone is ready for the road, and with rested bones and fulfilled souls, you're off to the next great adventure. If this lifestyle is worth $500K or more, it's up to you to decide; I'm just here to show you what's possible.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery display an array of Berkshire XLT interiors and models.

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