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Bentley Will Drop Its First NFT This September, Here's What We Know About It

Bentley has announced it will launch an exclusive and sustainable NFT. The luxury brand has already selected a carbon-neutral partner to help trade the respective NFT, which will only be available in 208 pieces. The company has selected this figure since 208 is both the total production run of the R-Type Continental, and the top speed in mph of its fastest Grand Tourer, the Continental GT Speed.
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2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed
The genesis NFT, as it is called, will be “dropped” on the Polygon network, and this is set to happen in September 2022. With its first venture in the NFT marketplace, Bentley wants to create an exclusive community, as well as enhance the relationship between the Crewe brand and consumers.

The Bentley genesis NFT collection will be minted on Polygon, which is an Ethereum scaling platform that has onboarded millions to Web3. Since the Polygon Network has recently attained carbon-neutral status, and plans to go carbon-negative by the end of 2022, all Bentley NFTs will be entirely carbon-neutral. The latter is a bit of an issue with certain NFTs and cryptocurrency.

At the same time, the Polygon Network has pledged to achieve end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030, which is the same year when Bentley wants all its vehicles to be fully battery electric. With that in mind, the partnership between the two makes sense, and the British marque will use it as a steppingstone for its adventures on Web3 digital platforms.

The best part of this NFT drop is that proceeds from this, and future activations, will further the brand's philanthropic efforts. Instead of cashing in on selling NFTs, Bentley wants to accelerate the support it offers for students who are interested in engineering, design, and manufacturing.

Bentley's design studio has prepared a unique artwork that will be turned into the genesis NFT. Holders will get unique access, as well as exclusive rewards. We should learn more about the latter as we get closer to the drop.

Editor's note: For illustration purposes, the photo gallery shows images of the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

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