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Bentley Will Bring 103 Cars to Monterey Car Week, Mark Greatest Presence Ever

Bentley is celebrating its 103rd anniversary this year, and the British marque has decided to put something special together to mark the occasion. Therefore, during the 2022 Monterey Car Week, the exhibit will include 103 vehicles made by the brand from Crewe.
Bentley at 2022 Monterey Car Week 9 photos
Bentley at 2022 Monterey Car WeekBentley at 2022 Monterey Car WeekBentley at 2022 Monterey Car WeekBentley at 2022 Monterey Car WeekBentley at 2022 Monterey Car WeekBentley at 2022 Monterey Car WeekBentley at 2022 Monterey Car WeekBentley at 2022 Monterey Car Week
Visitors will get to see one Bentley for every year of the company's history, although not every exhibited unit will be from a different year than the one next to it. So do not expect to see one from 1919, one from 1920, and so on. Fortunately, some of the exhibited Bentley models will be available for test drives, but you need to sign up in advance.

Bentley has brought a 2003 Speed 8 to the event to open a year of Le Mans centenary celebrations. The marque has made a name for itself at the legendary track in France, and it does not look like it will stop racing there anytime soon.

The event will also witness the arrival of a group of 30 Bentley vehicles that will travel together from Los Angeles. Do not expect them to be one behind the other, though, but people will see 30 Bentleys on the road in a matter of minutes, which is not something that happens that often, even in Los Angeles or in Monterey.

We already know that Bentley will reveal the Mulliner Batur at the Monterey Car Week, but that is not all. The company has also prepared a dedicated Mulliner commissioning area, which is at the Home of Bentley in the show.

The latter will allow customers to create bespoke Mulliner orders, so those who happen to be millionaires or billionaires and want a Batur, or another Mulliners-specked Bentley, will have their shot of ordering one on the spot.

The Batur will be joined by the Blower Car Zero, which is the first vehicle from the Continuation Series. Visitors will also get to see the first customer Bacalar in the U.S., as well as various Mulliner versions of the Continental GT, Continental GTC, and Flying Spur.

The Home of Bentley will also have vehicles available for test drives, as we mentioned earlier. Those who like the brand, but do not desire a test drive right away will still be able to experience the spirit of the marque through its range of Bentley Home furniture.

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