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Bentley "Voltage Racer" Is the Blower Bentley of Motorcycles

Leave it to social media to take a car brand into territories they are not familiar with. Let's take Bentley, for example: after a Russian YouTuber has given us a Bentley "tank" last year, the time has now come to discuss a Flying B motorcycle, even if it comes in the form of a rendering.
Bentley Motorcycle rendering 10 photos
Bentley motorcycle renderingBentley motorcycle renderingBentley motorcycle renderingBentley motorcycle renderingBentley motorcycle renderingBentley motorcycle renderingBentley motorcycle renderingBugatti motorcycle rendering by Thomas AngebaultTesla CyberBike rendering by Thomas Angebault
The project comes from a French industrial designer named Thomas Angebault, who isn't at his first attempt to bring a big car brand onto the two-wheeler stage. However, while his previous work includes Bugatti and even a CyberBike (half a Tesla quad, anybody?), this digital portrait of a Crewe bike seems to be his most elaborate to date - you'll find images of all the goodies in the gallery above.

We can see traditional styling cues of the Crewe brand here and perhaps even a bit of Blower Bentley (you know, the pre-war effort the carmaker is resurrecting these days). However, instead of a supercharger sitting in front of the radiator, we now have the hubless front wheel setup, while the suspension hardware also sits on the unconventional side.

Adding to that Bentley badge that sits just below the compact windshield, there's the good old British Racing Green (frankly, it's difficult to think of a more fitting color for such a proposal).

Then there's the quilted leather saddle - step inside a Bentley showroom and you'll notice plenty of such details inside the lavish machines you'll find there, so this part of the pixel build also came natural.

The designer envisions this bike with an electric powetrain, something we've only seen on Bentley concept cars so far - the EXP 100 GT that was introduced last year is an example as good as any.

Even the tires of the motorcycle come with the kind of threat that captures the imagination, so you'll have an excuse for spending quite a bit of time gazing at the images of this unofficial concept.


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