Bentley Sold 2.7 Times More Cars Than Rolls-Royce in 2014

Everybody knows that comparing Bentleys and Rolls-Royces is like comparing sparkling wine and chardonnay champagne, but that doesn't mean an argument can't be made. Under Volkswagen's tutelage, the brand has blossomed far more than what was once its parent firm.
Bentley Continental GT 1 photo
Bentley, the British car manufacturer favored by the Queen of England, has just announced that it has delivered 11,020 cars last year, a 9% growth on the 2013 figure of 10,120 cars.  The real story though is that they've managed to deliver 2.7 times more cars than Rolls-Royce, a traditional company owned by BMW. The Spirit of Ecstasy only managed to find its way onto 4,063 fashionable automobiles last year.

Bentley, a company with more fans among younger buyers like football players, plans to sell 15,000 in 2018 and 20,000 in 2020. That would make them at least twice as common as Ferraris.

“2014 marked an exceptional year for Bentley, as our record breaking pattern continued. We delivered more cars than ever before, and we now operate in more markets than at any point in our 96 year history, a perfect example of our truly international appeal," said Chairman and CEO, Wolfgang Dürheimer.

Of course, we think the real reason behind Bentley's success is the V8 twin-turbo engine they've introduced on the Conti' GT and the new Flying Spur. But they have other plans as well, plans which you've probably heard about already.
Bentley looks ahead
“And this as we embark on a milestone year for the company, in which we are working to deliver the world’s first luxury SUV, and set our sights beyond this and to the future to try and maintain this significant period of success," added Dürheimer.

The newly re-appointed CEO says about 3,000 SUVs will be sold per year. They'll make them with hybrid engines to keep the Chinese happy, with V8 for the Europeans and with W12 for… just about everybody who's rich enough to pay upwards of 180,000 euros ($214,000) for one.

For now, the SUV will only have competition from flagship cars like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, the Mercedes GLS 63 AMG (coming soon) and the Range Rover L. However, Rolls-Royce Motors said only a few days ago that a decision on launching their own SUV will be made this year.

Should be an interesting fight to the death in the luxury market…


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