Bentley Launches 6-in-1 Tricycle Inspired by Mulliner Range for Trust Fund Babies

Are you a well-to-do Wall Street stockbroker with a garage full of luxury barges worth enough to feed the local population of needy for weeks, if not months? Do you also have a child in tow who you think would look cute behind the wheel of the same coach-built, ultra-high-quality Bentley you drive back and forth to work in daily? Do you have a spare £595 to spare? And considering the kind of baller car you drive daily, we can only assume you do. Well, feast your eyes on the 6-in-1 Mulliner-inspired Tricycle.
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Mulliner Bentley TrikeMulliner Bentley TrikeMulliner Bentley TrikeMulliner Bentley TrikeMulliner Bentley TrikeMulliner Bentley Trike
That's right, this children's tricycle, meant for kids aged six months to five years old, was inspired by the same Mulliner line of Bentley vehicles built exclusively for high rollers in the music, entertainment, business, and finance sectors, who are the only people with the kind of coin needed to buy these ultra-exclusive luxury cars in the first place. With so many of the same uber-up-scale, ultra-exclusive build materials used in modern Bentley automobiles, there's a sense that whoever gets to ride this trike up and down their parent's driveway has an endowment coming their way in a few decades full of more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetimes.

We're talking about the same plush, ultra-soft leather that adorns all modern Bentley Mulliner models but developed exclusively for the little tikes and their considerably smaller frames. These same seats feature diamond-in-diamond handmade quilting on the seat and the rear headrest. And, of course, these additions wouldn't be complete without a prominent Bentley emblem adorned on each piece for an unmistakable look that screams luxury even to adults not fortunate enough to make the kind of cash to afford a Bentley of their own. If anything, the seat and headrest on this trike could be more valuable than the interiors of most common folk's used cars.

It's easy to mock this Bentley trike for being a bit ostentatious. But there are some admittedly neat features implemented that prove Bentley does have a few practical bones in their body. Innovative anti-slide foot pedals are certainly a nice touch. They're an exact copy of the gas and brake pedals you'll find in a Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner series. The fully retractable sun canopy is another lovely addition, one that gives your child the impression they're driving a convertible while mom and dad push them around with the detachable metal push bar on their short lunch breaks. The rear storage basket is also the perfect spot to stash a couple of Hi-C fruit punch boxes that mom and dad may or may not sneak a couple of when the kid isn't looking.

Admittedly, a tricycle capable of adapting to the needs of children ranging from barely past newborns to their first day of Kindergarten with features like an elastic safety restraint that stretches as the child grows is a truly thoughtful way of doing things, all jokes aside. Once you get past the palpable smugness of a child's trike adorned with more Bentley badges than your average Bentayga, there's something to be said about a child's toy with genuine air-pumped tires and a beautifully milled metal chassis with all the fixins that makes us think this trike could get re-used one day when the child has kids of their own one day.
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