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Bentley Flaunts Deer Avoidance System in Parallel Universe of Christmas Car Commercials

We don't blame you if you can't stand Christmas-oriented advertising. It can be the worst part of anyone's holiday season. We have to give credit where it's due, though. At least when someone makes a Christmas advertisement with something innovative to show.
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Bentley BentaygaBentley BentaygaBentley BentaygaBentley BentaygaBentley Bentayga
That award goes to Bentley this time around with an ad for the latest Bentayga SUV. With a starting MRSP hovering around $185,000, the Bentayga better darn well has some excellent features. Especially with Maybach and Rolls-Royce re-entering the SUV market recently.

Bentley's Advanced Dear Alert System (ADAS) will feature on approximately two-thirds of forthcoming Bentaygas. According to official sources, of course. The software uses a thermal infrared imager to detect objects the human eye can't in darkness. At least until only see seconds before impact, that is. Sensors located throughout the vehicle render these same objects visible. This time, from hundreds of feet away instead of tens of feet for a change.

Bentley's night vision system activates when the headlamps are shining. This occurs whether triggered by automatic sensors or by the driver. A competent driver could potentially reduce BVR (Beyond Visual Range) object danger using ADAS.

All the more reason to justify having it detect Santa and his Reindeer crossing the street. In what must be the bizarre parallel universe in which awful car commercials reside. Bentley's deer avoidance system is a neat piece of kit to their credit. Interestingly, what's notable about the Bentayga in a deer-avoidance context is that it's bought most often by people who live in big cities. You know, the people who are statistically the least likely to encounter a family of deer at night.

That may feel a tad out of touch on the part of Bently. But let us remind you that the jumbo jet was spawned from primitive gliders. Memory foam beds were derived from the NASA space program as well. At least so the legends say. Our point is, so too will Bentley's ADAS system be adopted in some form or another by the rest of the industry. At least on a long enough timeline

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