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Bentley Continental GT Supersports Convertible Rendered into Reality

Unlike most renderings, this car already exists somewhere at the Crew factory. It's been discussed in the official press release as weighing a massive 2,455 kilos (5,412 pounds to go with that Tesla-equivalent W12 engine.
Bentley Continental GT Supersports Convertible 1 photo
Can a 2+ ton convertible be considered a sports car? Some might say that it weighs as much as two Miata. But more than a thousand bodies the size of Earth can fit inside Jupiter, and yet both are considered planets.

I have no way of knowing if the Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible is going to be popular. I mean, aren't they working on a brand new model, with a Porsche platform and AWD system? Admittedly, this car needs less weight, not more power.

I think the Continental Supersports wouldn't be the famous machine that it is without the Top Gear review from seven or eight years ago. In hindsight, a £160,000 Bentley doesn't sound that outlandish, and the old 621 horsepower output can be matched by an Audi R8 with sports mufflers.

Everybody has a sneaking suspicion that the new GT Supersports was developed as a response to the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Ferrari doesn't have a convertible version of that car, so our rendering hero would be uncontested.

There's nothing particularly interesting to see in this image, created by X-Tomi. The sky blue color makes me wish I was a billionaire who can afford a house on the shore of an Australian lake.

But there's something that separates this Supersports, described as the "world's fastest four-seat" and the old one, which had a carbon fiber strut in place of the rear bench. By adding a canvas roof, the top speed of this car would go down a few miles per hour from the 209 mph (336 km/h).

Would it still be a record holder? Probably. The only other uber-powerful four-seat convertible is the Mercedes-Maybach S650, but that's electronically limited to 155 mph. The BMW M6 Cabriolet will also do about 190 mph.


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