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Bentley Continental GT Convertible, the Yakuza Take

Like many other people on this planet, we've always had quite the curiosity when it came to the cars high-ranked Yakuza members use. However, for today, we want to stick to an exercise of imagination and we're inviting you to play along.
Bentley Continental GT Convertible, The Yakuza Take 1 photo
It's not difficult to see why the Japanese mobsters would find the Bentley way appropriate for their daily tasks, so we'll focus on the Continental GT Convertible in the image above - our money would be on the fixed roof model, but we can't argue with the digital artist that delivered this rendering.

In fact, we're talking about a pair of young pixel masters, Khyzyl Saleem and Rain Prisk Designs, both of whom are among our favorite 1s and 0s shapers on the web.

Returning to the Crewe creation, we find this in a state that's far, far away from the one its maker came up with.

While it's difficult to talk about the most eye-catching aftermarket body part on this Conti, that title should probably be split between the wide wheel arches, which basically scream Liberty Walk, and the front splitter, whose side aero elements are mirrored just before the rear wheels.

In comparison to the elements mentioned above, the wheels on this car almost seem like something we might be able to consider normal.

We're pretty sure this rendering makes the word "offensive" seem like an understatement for Flying B aficionados and yet we can't ignore the side of the Japanese subculture that has inspired the image.

Interestingly enough, given the air suspension Bentley installs on its models, a real world incarnation of this project wouldn't even suffer from the hopeless impracticality syndrome that seems to affect more and more extreme custom cars these days.

And that's because a Bentley will always be a Bentley, even when abducted by the bad guys.


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