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Bentley Bentayga Spotted in Bristol, Here Are the Real World Photos

Now that we've talked about the cars that kept us on our toes in 2015 here in the autoevolution office, the time has come to act accordingly to what the calendar shows. Since we are now in 2016, we want to show you one of the most important premieres of the previous year, the Bentley Bentayga, out in the real world.
Bentley Bentayga Spotted in Bristol 4 photos
Benntley Bentayga Spotted in BristolBenntley Bentayga Spotted in BristolBenntley Bentayga Spotted in Bristol
A blue example of the lavish SUV was spotted on its home turf - the car was seen in Bristol, UK. It seems this Bentayga was welcomed into our world more than a month ago, with the car having been registered on November 26, 2015.

The image, which comes from Redditor illitirate_adam, has generated comments that act as a reminder of the fact that the world still needs some time to get used to the fact that the Flying B badge now rests on an SUV.

While we're far from getting our kicks from high-riding vehicles, we can't ignore the idea that the Bentley brand is perfect for such a machine.

For one thing, Crewe knows how to make a two-ton-plus Continental GT feel at least thirty percent lighter than it really is. Then there's the attention to cabin details, with Bentley's no-weight-compromise interior treats being perfectly suitable for an SUV.

While we are on this topic, we'll remind you the automaker introduced stone veneers earlier today, even though the new cabin treatment is not as heavy as you'd imagine.

The Bentayga is far from the most extreme SUV of the Volkswagen Group. And this isn't half bad.

Then again, in the world of controversy, the Bentayga is far from having a hard time in terms of social acceptance. With the Porsche Cayenne having paved the way over a decade ago and the Lamborghini Urus set to irritate purists soon, we expect this Bentley to be integrated into our contemporary automotive culture with relative ease.


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